Hitting the road on my bike can give me a significant physical and mental lift. Not only is cycling one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise, but it’s also a great way to center my mind and help stave off stress. When I’m out riding, it gives me a chance to leave whatever is causing me stress behind.  

Cycling Gives Us A Great Brain Boost
Cycling does wonders for our brains, and there are compelling scientific reasons why that is. Whenever we exercise, the blood in our bodies gets pumping, and fresh blood makes our brains healthier. With more oxygen and nutrients flooding into our brains, we’re able to think more clearly. In addition to the increased blood flow, cycling is also a repetitive and soothing exercise that allows us to let our minds wander and engage in complex problem-solving. We can work out a lot of our problems while on the seat of a bike.

The twin brain benefits of cycling are enough to make anyone want to give it a go, but there are more mental and fitness benefits too.

Cycling Helps Stave Off Depression
Cyclists have better days on average, as opposed to non-cyclists. The link between mental health and exercise is well documented, but cycling is even more potent because it combines exercise with fresh air, sunshine, and a sense of community. Not only are cyclists getting a good workout in, but they are also running through their problems with other cyclists. This fellowship and sense of community contributes to a healthy mental state and provides people who regularly hop on a bike with these additional benefits.

Cycling Can Help Us Get Our Full Eight Hours
We all know that sleeping well is the key to a healthy life, and cycling can help us get there. Cyclists improve their circadian rhythm and wind up getting much more productive and fulfilling sleep than those who don’t partake in cycling. Sleeping well has ripple effects into the rest of our lives and can improve clarity, focus, and overall productivity. It’s essential to make sure that we are getting enough quality sleep. Cycling can help us achieve those goals and be better in our waking lives.

It’s great that something so enjoyable can have so many mental and physical health benefits. As a hobby, it’s one of my favorites for all of these reasons. If you haven’t tried cycling lately, I highly encourage you to give it a shot.