Michelle Beltran

Psychic Medium, Author, Radio Host


“I have been speaking to Michelle since 2014 or 2015 at least and she has always been extremely patient, connected and has lovely energy. She has been accurate with her readings as well. It makes me very happy to leave her chats feeling positive and empowered, even when it may not necessarily be what I walked in expecting to hear. Thank you for your patience, positivity, kindness and for sharing your gift with all of us, Michelle.” – Heena L.

Michelle Beltran is psychic medium, author and life coach based in Northern California. Before landing in her current career, she discovered a number of other passions and skills.

Following her graduation from college, she found work as a law enforcement officer in the Air Force. In her role, she had to learn how to manage her authority while also dealing with sensitive and stressful situations. The human and social problems she dealt with gave her insight into understanding different people, their personalities and their problems.

After her time in the Air Force, she began a career as a probation officer. This position gave her the chance to connect with those who needed purpose and inspiration to help them transform their lives. She also had the opportunity to implement the first K9 Narcotic Drug Detection Program in the department, and only one of five in the entire state of California. 

While still working as a probation officer, Michelle Beltran met a triathlon coach on a local organized 5k run who encouraged her to try a triathlon race. In her process of training, she discovered she had a strength in cycling and immediately fell in love. The sport came naturally to her and within three years, she was racing professionally. She retired from her job as a probation officer to pursue a professional cycling career. After a few hard life situations came up at once, she went through a period of internal growth and decided to attend Chico Psychic Institute and Reno Psychic Institute. She was a natural, and her teacher encouraged her to launch her own business, which she continues to do today. She has the ability to see through the chaos in one’s life and find the best next-step for her clients. 

Michelle’s favorite part of her career is getting to watch her clients grow and become more empowered in themselves. She helps clients work through various personal matters such as relationships, career, and health. Michelle Beltran recognizes her work is a shared process as she too grows while supporting her clients in their transformation.  

Her psychic gifts came to her at a young age and were encouraged by her mother who is also a psychic. Michelle has always had a natural fascination and curiosity surrounding the mind, psychic functioning and the otherworldly. While she no longer cycles professionally, she is still passionate about health and fitness and finds that a lot of the clairvoyant information she receives is about nutrition, health and fitness.

Michelle Beltran is a firm believer that health and nutritional balance have helped shape her successes. Her developed awareness of her physical presence through cycling and competitive dance have heightened her clairsentient.